Our Programs

The basic features of our programmes are currently defined by two intellectual property papers: Our programs center on changing this situation. There is always something you too can also do if only you put your mind to it and think hard enough, the important thing is to advance the cause of the Campaign or Educational Initiative in general.
You can volunteer:
  1. Slogan
  2. Cartoon
  3. Your time
  4. Your skill, and
  5. Comments or Suggestions

Interview with Ms. Ruth Howard, a retired teacher who spent 33 years working in Nigeria before returning to the UK

Culled from page 16 of Saturday Punch - November 26, 2016.

Interview with The President and chairman of Council, Nigerian Institute of Training and Development, Mrs. Janet Jolaoso,

Culled from page 28 of the Punch Newspaper - Wednesday, January 04, 2017..