Brain Marketing


The abundance and ease of exploitation of most natural resources often cause the failure of national policy formulators to identify and develop human capacity as a formidable base for economic and social development. Even when human resources are recognized for their strategic relevance to development, the long gestation required for maturity and returns on this investment is naturally incompatible with the short-term, if not hasty, nature of programmes of the leadership of developing societies.

2. Yet, Brain Marketing is the most reliable, efficient and sustainable vehicle for complete exploitation of human capability that could ever be fashioned. Common and peculiar as well as intractable challenges identified across various sectors are effortlessly addressed. Major highlights include:

(i) Full, efficient funding of all market-relevant education and human capacity development programmes and institutions;

(ii) Significant, if not outright, insulation of funding against political and bureaucratic challenges of inefficiency and corruption;

(iii) Total elimination of the need by Governments for discrimination (and the attendant political cost) against non-indigenes and aliens by State and national governments respectively in the face of inadequate funds;

(iv) Manpower development policies and programmes across the various sectors - education, employment/wealth creation, youth development, sports, industry, agriculture etc - are elevated from theoretical, desk-top unwanted formulations to a level that is relevant, market-driven, ready-to-digest and popular;

(v) Individuals and institution are naturally led into a self-discovery of inherent ability and endowment for development;

(vi) Individuals and institutions are challenged as personal stake-holders enough to guarantee absolute commitment to success in education and training as against current scenario of contempt manifesting in such contemporary incidents of: -
- Cultism; and
- Total break-down of discipline among students and faculty and the resultant decline in the recognized worthy of certificates at both domestic and internationals levels;


3. All stake-holders in the Brain Marketing Programme require a disciplined environment within which to operate. Since Government is also a stake-holder in this respect, it is apparent that Government itself needed to be subjected like all other stake-holders to regulations designed to guide the operations of Brain-Marketing.

4. A regulatory body National Commission for Manpower Development is most suitable to discharge the regulatory and over-sight functions essential for the full realization of the objectives of an holistic human resource development programme the delivery vehicle of which Brain Marketing represents.

5. Headed by an Executive Chairman, membership of the Commission and its operational departments will reflect the composition of the major stake-holders:

(i) Banking and financial institutions;

(ii) Educational, research and training institutions;

(iii) Industry and organized private sector; and

(iv) Government.


6. The early years of introduction will experience massive infusion of funds both for the upgrading of educational facilities to acceptable standards and loans to students who must pay realistic fees required to keep institutions viable. As beneficiaries graduate and secure employment, the re-payment gradually reduces the pressure on funding until the ultimate phase is reached where inflow for loan recovery and investments exceed critical loan disbursements. LOAN RECOVERY

7. Unlike previous national experiments characterized by appalling loan recovery records, Brain Marketing is designed to ensure virtually total recovery. The main mechanism for achieving this is the security marking of all certificates issued from the effective date of commencement of Brain Marketing.

8. All certificates from all educational and training institutions will be encrypted to disclose information on the status of the certificate holder vis-a-vis indebtedness or otherwise to the Brain Marketing programme. Just as all employers are required to ascertain participation of job applicants in NYSC, similarly, Brain Marketing relationship (readable from the certificates) must be established before appointments or banking services are allowed.


The Brain Marketing idea is intended to launch a new era in human capacity development where people privileged to be richly endowed in intellect and other natural assets can hope to boldly declare themselves to be really "self-made". Freed for life from the strangle-hold of indebtedness to patronizing relatives and had-driving "god-fathers".

2. It is a golden opportunity for help to be extended and receied in dignity and build multi-sectoral alliances that rub off posisitvely on national development and beautifully on Government and society.

3. For Governments, National Manpower Development through Brain Marketing is the most democratic vehicle for harnessing human resources to the satisfaction of all stake-holders be they Government, individuals, economic interests, trainers or educators. It is a programme for the people and by the people themselves; against such, there can never be resistance and challenges of unpopularity by any significant segment of society or sustainability anxieties. It is the ultimate destination for human resources development effort of any serious nation.