Clarifications on Funding and Operational Culture of EIDWN

While this is not entirely new having been mentioned at several fora by the Trustees, especially Mr. Sobande, retired Head of Service of Ogun State, certain recent developments have made it necessary to re-iterate these policies once again.

  1. EIDWN, most especially its most visible program – Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments is a divine mandate and vision. It is a call to public service that demand hefty sacrifice from whosoever heeds this call. The Trustees and our staff in EIDWN are united by these two imperatives of service and sacrifice.
  2. we at EIDWN are under no illusion as to the telling personal impact of these sacrifices over the long stretch of time required for the NGO to find its feet across the entire South West States. It’s been running for five years now, since 1st Quarter 2016, and God has been gracious to have respect on our modest sacrifices.
  3. The burden of the NGO – financial and operational – weighs heavily on the 4 Trustees, who are retired citizens and our children who keep the office running. To get this far, I will need to share with you the nature of sacrifices we routinely make at EIDWN.
  • Donation of our personal vehicles
  • Sale of landed properties to fund the NGO,
  • Donation of personal domestic and office items especially furniture and equipment.
  • Monthly payment of salaries and bills
  • Multi-tasking our staff to conserve funds


  • Prayers
  • Vigils
  • Fasting
  1. We have had to severely curtail our social commitments to accommodate all these. For quite a while now, there is no elaborate parties – burial, wedding, birthday, chieftaincy, anniversaries for any of us. Save for this building, we have received no help of whatever nature.
  2. While it is much easier to have this vision of a gratifying education system well received generally, it is certainly delusory to expect, in appreciable numbers, disciples of self-sacrifice in the mould described above.
  3. We will continue to pray that God who called us into this mission will generously endow us without exception with the appropriate disposition towards the challenges of the assignment.
  4. As this year runs to an end, let us dwell and meditate seriously on this twin-call for service and sacrifice and come to a honest decision on our decree of involvement in the delivery of this divine mandate in future. I sincerely remind you that “Do Something!” appreciate the most modest of efforts and contributions.
  5. Thank you and God bless you.

Adebowale Thompson FNIM

Managing Trustee

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