Courtesy Visit of the Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments to SUBEB

The Executives of the Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments on Friday 21st September visited the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) led by its Chairman Alhaji Razak Ikupoliyi.

The visiting excos comprising delegates of EIDWN and excos of Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments Executive Committee (CAMEEC) after expressing their gratitude to the board for receiving them, stated their mission, objectives and sought the support of the Board as the grassroots mobilizer to reach target communities and to join the crusade with every machinery at their disposal through the various committees to sound the message “Do Something!”  Furthermore the delegates of the Campaign for Alma mater Endowments requested the involvement of one the SUBEB’s members in its meeting and activities to enable faster decision making and alignment with governmental goals.

In his response, the Chairman of SUBEB, Alhaji Jeleel Okewole appreciated the delegates for finding time to delve into the challenges of the nation, spending time and resources to improve the condition of the education sector particularly in the State. He stated that the problem is largely due to the continual increase in students’ enrolment which does not match the existing provision and infrastructures. Despite the allocation of 25% of the State budget to education, most of which goes to the teachers’ salaries. He lamented the negligence of parents to the welfare of their wards. Alhaji Okewole however expressed hope and confidence in the policy direction from bottom to top as proposed and designed by the NGO. He therefore promised the unflinching support of his board to the excos.

A group photograph was taken after the meeting.


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