Ogun CDC Sensitization and Request for Partnership

The EIDWN on Tuesday 26th June, attended the Ogun State Standing Committee meeting of the Ogun State Community Development Council (CDC) at Opo Hall, Ipokia to sensitize them about the “Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments”. The State Chairman of the CDC Alhaji R. K Ikupoliyi in his comment after the Managing Trustee’s speech and the interactive session stressed that it is every citizen’s responsibility to give back to his/her old school.

While appreciating the CDC for the opportunity to address its people, the NGO requested partnership towards restoring the past glories of education in Western Nigeria starting from the communities. The proposal requested each CDA or groups of CDAs to choose a Project school which they would be attending to after choosing one of the different proposed means suggested to get funds. 10% of the funds gathered for such project will be retained by the Community Development Association (CDA) as administrative expenses however belongs to the CDC. It was requested that this activity be recorded into the agenda of every community meeting.

Sensitization of ANCOPSS

On Wednesday 20th June, 2018 EIDWN was invited to the State Executive Committee (SEC) of ANCOPSS Ogun State held at Anglican School Okenla, Ifo to share its aim, objectives, mission and vision and its programme with them. The Managing Trustee in his speech challenged the principals that they can only succeed in using their capacity to champion this course – “Do Something” when they lead by example.

The NGO is looking at how it can obtain a database of all past and present teachers in Ogun State complete with telephone numbers, addresses and e-mails. This will make it possible for any student who wishes to contact a teacher to offer assistance especially when such teachers are retiring from service.