Courtesy Visits to OGTV and OGBC

On Wednesday 30th May, 2018, excos of the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations of Western Nigeria, Ogun State chapter visited Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) and Ogun State Television (OGTV) respectively.

After formal introductions, the Conference Chairman, Prof. Delana Adelekan expressed on behalf of the patron and members of the conference appreciation to OGBC management for their support in time past and furthermore sought collaboration with the station after acquainting them with the programmes of the Conference.

In his response, the acting General Manager, Mr. Kiji Akinhami said he strongly supports the NGO’s programmes and demanded they be notified of its programmes in good time for adequate coverage. He expressed his pleasure that Ogun State is leading the Western Nigeria again in her usual manner. Mr. Akinhanmi unreservedly guaranteed media partnership as requested saying it is part of the station’s social responsibilities. The acting General Manager nevertheless in return requested that the visiting excos should advertise them for patronage. The Vice Chairman, Managing Trustee and Secretary gave their remarks. Vote of thanks was given by the secretary for the successful reception which he said will be recorded as a landmark.

The prestigious radio station granted the managing trustee interview after the group photographs.

  • In the same vein after the introduction of the OGTV management team and the excos of the Conference, the essence of the meeting which is to seek media partnership was stated by the Chairman. The General Manager, Mr. Festus Kehinde recalled that he and his team have been a part of the NGO from the teething period. He further explained that the cost of running the TV station would not permit his team to render services for free but could however give lesser prices since it’s a community project. He sighted the increasing price of diesel and noted that the station ran on diesel for 146 hours and only 21 hours on government power supply the previous week.

All the same he instantly granted free 1hour airtime to the chairman. In response to the GM’s kind gesture, the vice chairman, Engr. Agboola expressed his appreciation and requested it to be split into 10minutes on different days and programmes for the sake of persistence.

After the interactive session and vote of thanks, a group photograph was taken, the chairman Prof. Adelekan was also interviewed.