Alma Mater Day Newspaper Publication

The Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments publicised the budding Alma Mater Day in the nation through a full page colour advert to sensitise the public about their role in the revival of the education sector. The advert published in page 9 of Tribune Newspaper on Tuesday 13th March, 2018 was sponsored by four secondary schools and one primary school across Nigeria.

Courtesy Visit to SUBEB, TESCOM Chairmen and Commissioner for Education

The Executives of Conference of Old Students and Alumni Association of Western Nigeria, the umbrella body for all Alumni Associations, an arm of the Educational Initiative for Development in Western Nigeria have visited pertinent stakeholders in education sector to facilitate their assignments.

The Courtesy visits aimed at introducing the organisation, its objectives, existing and proposed programmes and seeking the support of the visited bodies. The chairmen of TESCOM and SUBEB were also visited same day but on different occasions. Alhaji Jeleel Okewole chairman of SUBEB was very happy to receive the excos and learn of its activities since he opines that the Initiative is helping out to realise their mission, he promised his board would always be ready to collaborate with the Conference.

Mrs. Olabosipo Ogunsan, the chairman of TESCOM in the same vein expressed her pleasure to the vision of Conference of Old Students and Alumni Association of Western Nigeria and EIDWN at large. She however observed that most of the activities center on infrastructure while she opines more emphasis should be laid on morality to secure the future. After presenting the invitation of the 2018 Alma Mater Day Celebration to her, she assured the excos all possible support.

The commissioner for Education science and Technology of Ogun State was also visited by the excos of the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations on Friday 9th March, 2018 for the same purpose as above. Similarly, the commissioner and her directors received them warmly and assured their support for the Initiative‘s activities. Though she expressed her displeasure about the date chosen for the celebration due to students’ exams, however, it was resolved that interventions may hold anytime of the school calendar.