Interactive Session at Remo Zone

An interactive session with the Presidents and Secretaries of Old Students Associations in Remo Zone was held on Wednesday 20th February, 2019 at Remo Secondary School, Sagamu. There, two members present were appointed as coordinator and secretary for the zone in other to sustain full participation of members. Equally, it was agreed that a Whatsapp group be formed for wider participation and effective mobilization of members.

Courtesy Visit of the Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments to SUBEB

The Executives of the Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments on Friday 21st September visited the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) led by its Chairman Alhaji Razak Ikupoliyi.

The visiting excos comprising delegates of EIDWN and excos of Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments Executive Committee (CAMEEC) after expressing their gratitude to the board for receiving them, stated their mission, objectives and sought the support of the Board as the grassroots mobilizer to reach target communities and to join the crusade with every machinery at their disposal through the various committees to sound the message “Do Something!”  Furthermore the delegates of the Campaign for Alma mater Endowments requested the involvement of one the SUBEB’s members in its meeting and activities to enable faster decision making and alignment with governmental goals.

In his response, the Chairman of SUBEB, Alhaji Jeleel Okewole appreciated the delegates for finding time to delve into the challenges of the nation, spending time and resources to improve the condition of the education sector particularly in the State. He stated that the problem is largely due to the continual increase in students’ enrolment which does not match the existing provision and infrastructures. Despite the allocation of 25% of the State budget to education, most of which goes to the teachers’ salaries. He lamented the negligence of parents to the welfare of their wards. Alhaji Okewole however expressed hope and confidence in the policy direction from bottom to top as proposed and designed by the NGO. He therefore promised the unflinching support of his board to the excos.

A group photograph was taken after the meeting.


Courtesy Visit to the Ogun State House of Assembly

In the same vein, on Tuesday, 4th September 2018, representatives of EIDWN and Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments Executive Committee visited the Ogun State House of Assembly under the leadership of the Honourable Speaker, Prince Suraj Adekunbi to seek partnership in the quest to restore the past glories of the education sector across the State.

Warmly, the Deputy Speaker ably representing the speaker expressed his gratitude to the delegates for their commitment to the development of education in the State and assured the support of the entire members of the House of Assembly to the Campaign after revealing that most of them are leading by example in their various constituencies.

Courtesy Visit to Ogun Summer Camp

  • On Friday 17th August, members of the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations and Trustees of the EIDWN visited the students at the Ogun State 2018 Summer Camp located at Akinale to encourage and advise them. The visiting team commended the Ogun State Government for the world class standard of the Camp after a vibrant interactive session between the participants and the delegates.

Quarterly Interactive Session with Stakeholders in Education Sector

The quarterly interactive session with stakeholders in the education sector organized by the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations of Western Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter held on Wednesday 15th August, 2018 at the NGO’s Regional Office, Oke-Mosan and was well attended by delegates from:

  1. Ministry of Education Science and Technology
  2. Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM)
  3. State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)
  4. All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS)
  5. Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT)
  6. Association of Primary School Head teachers of Nigeria, Ogun State (AOPSHON)
  7. Academic Staff Union of Secondary school Ogun State (ASSUSS)
  8. Community Development Association, Ogun State (CDA)
  9. Donor Relations Office, Office of the Head of Service, Governor’s Office Abeokuta.
  10. Centre for Grass root Education Health Care Empowerment (CEGEHCE)
  11. Civic Service Action Coalition on Education for All (CSACEFA)

Before the short remarks by the Head of Service was the address of the Chairman of the Conference followed by the showcase of sample pictures of donations made by Old Students and Old Students’ Associations to their Alma Mater.

The highlight of the meeting which is the interactive session and remarks by the invited delegates followed immediately. It was generally testified that the Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments which charges everyone to “Do Something” for his/her Alma Mater no matter how little is bearing good fruits progressively.

The Managing Trustee of EIDWN gave the closing remarks while Mrs. Olusola Apampa an exco of the Conference gave the vote of thanks after the reading of the communique by the Conference Secretary Alhaji Kunle Adegbite.

The meeting which was covered by radio stations in the State ended with a group photograph.

Ogun CDC Sensitization and Request for Partnership

The EIDWN on Tuesday 26th June, attended the Ogun State Standing Committee meeting of the Ogun State Community Development Council (CDC) at Opo Hall, Ipokia to sensitize them about the “Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments”. The State Chairman of the CDC Alhaji R. K Ikupoliyi in his comment after the Managing Trustee’s speech and the interactive session stressed that it is every citizen’s responsibility to give back to his/her old school.

While appreciating the CDC for the opportunity to address its people, the NGO requested partnership towards restoring the past glories of education in Western Nigeria starting from the communities. The proposal requested each CDA or groups of CDAs to choose a Project school which they would be attending to after choosing one of the different proposed means suggested to get funds. 10% of the funds gathered for such project will be retained by the Community Development Association (CDA) as administrative expenses however belongs to the CDC. It was requested that this activity be recorded into the agenda of every community meeting.

Sensitization of ANCOPSS

On Wednesday 20th June, 2018 EIDWN was invited to the State Executive Committee (SEC) of ANCOPSS Ogun State held at Anglican School Okenla, Ifo to share its aim, objectives, mission and vision and its programme with them. The Managing Trustee in his speech challenged the principals that they can only succeed in using their capacity to champion this course – “Do Something” when they lead by example.

The NGO is looking at how it can obtain a database of all past and present teachers in Ogun State complete with telephone numbers, addresses and e-mails. This will make it possible for any student who wishes to contact a teacher to offer assistance especially when such teachers are retiring from service.

Courtesy Visits to OGTV and OGBC

On Wednesday 30th May, 2018, excos of the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations of Western Nigeria, Ogun State chapter visited Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) and Ogun State Television (OGTV) respectively.

After formal introductions, the Conference Chairman, Prof. Delana Adelekan expressed on behalf of the patron and members of the conference appreciation to OGBC management for their support in time past and furthermore sought collaboration with the station after acquainting them with the programmes of the Conference.

In his response, the acting General Manager, Mr. Kiji Akinhami said he strongly supports the NGO’s programmes and demanded they be notified of its programmes in good time for adequate coverage. He expressed his pleasure that Ogun State is leading the Western Nigeria again in her usual manner. Mr. Akinhanmi unreservedly guaranteed media partnership as requested saying it is part of the station’s social responsibilities. The acting General Manager nevertheless in return requested that the visiting excos should advertise them for patronage. The Vice Chairman, Managing Trustee and Secretary gave their remarks. Vote of thanks was given by the secretary for the successful reception which he said will be recorded as a landmark.

The prestigious radio station granted the managing trustee interview after the group photographs.

  • In the same vein after the introduction of the OGTV management team and the excos of the Conference, the essence of the meeting which is to seek media partnership was stated by the Chairman. The General Manager, Mr. Festus Kehinde recalled that he and his team have been a part of the NGO from the teething period. He further explained that the cost of running the TV station would not permit his team to render services for free but could however give lesser prices since it’s a community project. He sighted the increasing price of diesel and noted that the station ran on diesel for 146 hours and only 21 hours on government power supply the previous week.

All the same he instantly granted free 1hour airtime to the chairman. In response to the GM’s kind gesture, the vice chairman, Engr. Agboola expressed his appreciation and requested it to be split into 10minutes on different days and programmes for the sake of persistence.

After the interactive session and vote of thanks, a group photograph was taken, the chairman Prof. Adelekan was also interviewed.

Alma Mater Day Newspaper Publication

The Campaign for Alma Mater Endowments publicised the budding Alma Mater Day in the nation through a full page colour advert to sensitise the public about their role in the revival of the education sector. The advert published in page 9 of Tribune Newspaper on Tuesday 13th March, 2018 was sponsored by four secondary schools and one primary school across Nigeria.

Courtesy Visit to SUBEB, TESCOM Chairmen and Commissioner for Education

The Executives of Conference of Old Students and Alumni Association of Western Nigeria, the umbrella body for all Alumni Associations, an arm of the Educational Initiative for Development in Western Nigeria have visited pertinent stakeholders in education sector to facilitate their assignments.

The Courtesy visits aimed at introducing the organisation, its objectives, existing and proposed programmes and seeking the support of the visited bodies. The chairmen of TESCOM and SUBEB were also visited same day but on different occasions. Alhaji Jeleel Okewole chairman of SUBEB was very happy to receive the excos and learn of its activities since he opines that the Initiative is helping out to realise their mission, he promised his board would always be ready to collaborate with the Conference.

Mrs. Olabosipo Ogunsan, the chairman of TESCOM in the same vein expressed her pleasure to the vision of Conference of Old Students and Alumni Association of Western Nigeria and EIDWN at large. She however observed that most of the activities center on infrastructure while she opines more emphasis should be laid on morality to secure the future. After presenting the invitation of the 2018 Alma Mater Day Celebration to her, she assured the excos all possible support.

The commissioner for Education science and Technology of Ogun State was also visited by the excos of the Conference of Old Students and Alumni Associations on Friday 9th March, 2018 for the same purpose as above. Similarly, the commissioner and her directors received them warmly and assured their support for the Initiative‘s activities. Though she expressed her displeasure about the date chosen for the celebration due to students’ exams, however, it was resolved that interventions may hold anytime of the school calendar.