About EIfDW

Educational Initiative for Development in Western Nigeria is altogether aimed at restoring the glory of the nation`s educational sector that once secured a pride of place for citizens at the commanding heights of professions, every noble pursuit and academic excellence nationally and on the global stage.

Political office holders feel compelled to promise FREE: *QUALITATIVE *COMPULSORY *UNIVERSAL Education programmes; whereas it is apparent and common knowledge that they DO NOT have the resources to implement same.

The result is that successive Governments have learnt to play the ostrich - that all is well with their programme implementation. To solicit for the assistance of the public and stake-holders is political cyanide they cannot swallow - it is the admission of deceit or ignorance or both.

It is an inability to fulfill a promise that should not have been made in the first instance - free universal education is most unlikely to assure acceptable QUALITY.

With several decades of huge sustained investment in the educational sector and millions of successful beneficiaries in various walks of life, Educational Initiative for Development seeks to appeal to the spirit of self-help and communal solidarity for which our people are renowned to revive the educational sector.

If everyone will `Do something` the educational sector will certainly revive and reign again in glory.

Formal operations of the NGO as a legal entity commenced with the registration of Educational Initiatives for Development in Western Nigeria on 1st June, 2016.

The Campaign Management Team is led by a former President of the Unilag Alumni Association. State offices will also be operated but only where such could be justified by the volume of activity and success.


Recovery of the legacy of Education as an unfailing vehicle for social and economic greatness of individuals, races and nations.


Identification and optimal exploitation of private and Non-Governmental resources to partner Government in the quest for a truly legacy-class Education Sector.

  Aims & Objectives

  • To identify and promote the Educational Sector as a foundation for manpower and socio-economic development.

  • To identify challenges to optimal performance of the Educational Sector.

  • To mobilize public (especially old student/alumni) interest and resources to address these challenges.

  • To develop and promote programmes that encourages mass participation in the development of the Educational Sector.

  • To keep human resources of the Educational Sector - staff and students - in focus as primary target of attention and intervention.

  Important Notice

Even though our mission is of universal relevance and our audience global (Local, National and Diaspora spread Old Students, etc.), the Corporate Affairs Commission added `in Western Nigeria` to our name.

Sectionalism is neither in our spirit nor intention and Educational Initiatives for Development in Western Nigeria remains generously open to share our Vision, Mission, Objectives and Resources without borders as much as the law permits.